The Vineyards

The total expanse of the vineyards is about 40 hectares with an average altitude of 300 meters above sea level of which 37 hectares are red grapes such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino, and the rest are white grapes such as Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca.
The exposure of the vines is south-south-west and south-east.
The earth, of medium consistency with a tendency that runs towards clay, is normally deep and fertile. The density of the planting goes from 4,500 to 5,500 plants per hectare in a system which raises the plants on barbed wire, doubled upside-down.
The average age of the vine is between one and 25 years of age.
Every single vine is followed with meticulous attention during the year. We begin in November with pruning, by which we regulate the number of new shoots per hectare and per plant (maximum eight shoots per plant with a total of about 28,000 shoots per hectare).This is followed by the first trimming in June, when we cut away the tops and the sprouts of the vines, finalized by the rejuvenation of the foliage. After this we begin the thinning out or the “green harvest” (“vendemmia verde”) during which the bunches of grapes are selectively picked in order to create an equilibrium between the green part of the plant and the fruit. In this way a balance is established between the production of the fruit and the leafy exposed part of the plants.
A second trimming takes place next, and the plants are further thinned out, in order to allow them to receive greater amounts of air and light during their ripening therefore rendering a better quality of fruit. In the month of October the manual picking of grapes begins based on their degree of maturity.